Meanwhile…Back Home

Junior found time to make his own adventure. A short fishing trip off shore with his uncle, best friend and 5 cousins. Imagine what a blast is was 3 men and five kids of various ages – all boys.

Well at least they did catch some nice fish, and he did get them to help clean up the boat after!!

5 Responses to Meanwhile…Back Home

  1. avatar Linda says:

    Glad RJ and family and friends are enjoying their
    Summer time also

  2. avatar Edward Lee says:

    Way to go RJ 🙂

    • avatar kara says:

      This weekend … 3 teenage girls, Dylan, Rj and me. Rj will be glad this is the last weekend on the boat overnight in the river.

  3. avatar Erich L. Geyer says:


    • avatar Erich L. Geyer says:

      Just saw Rod’s new girlfriend and the amazing sky in Wisc.
      It’s the haircut Rodney that turned her on. Great picture! Can’t figure out which way you are going. Did you get to see “Highway to the Sun” ? Wonder if I’ve missed some photos. Much love to you both, Eddie-Joyce & Erich

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